Follow through

Now we’re going to add on follow through. As you’re dry firing, think about getting a proper sight picture, firing, and then following through by getting the proper sight picture again as quickly as possible. You won’t have recoil to worry about when dry firing, so your sight picture should stay constant, but this is a good time to repeat the refrain, “sight picture, trigger press, sight picture.”

If you’re fuzzy on what a “sight picture” is, it’s what you see as you’re looking at a target when you have your firearm lined up for a perfect shot. Generally, this means having the front sight perfectly centered between the rear sights, front and rear sights lined up vertically, and the intended target immediately over the top of the front sight.

Practice dry firing 10 times focusing on reacquiring your sights immediately after the trigger breaks.

Repeat this drill until you can quickly reacquire your sights after pressing the trigger, then move on.