Key Tips for Protecting PINS, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards

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  • Keep PIN information private. Do not provide this information to anyone, and protect the information from the prying eyes of strangers.
  • Beware of strangers that may try to “help” while at the ATM.
  • If a card is not immediately returned upon completing or canceling the transaction, contact the financial institution immediately.
  • Always review banking and credit card statements to ensure all transactions were authorized and accurate.
  • Know the reimbursement and insurance limits for each account. Never have more money in an account than the financial institution is willing to reimburse for if theft or fraud were to occur.
  • Know the timelines for reporting yourself as a victim o f identity theft to be fully reimbursed for damages.
  • Physically inspect ATMs and gas pumps for odd attachments and possible skimming devices. Any loose fittings could compromise the machine.