In the upcoming years, consumer watchdogs expect thieves and hackers to be more creative with their attempts. Electronic health records are ripe for the picking in the upcoming year as technology is infiltrating new sectors of the American economy and consumers are slowly learning how to adapt to changing infrastructures.

In essence, consumers are becoming savvier and cold-calling the elderly is not as profitable as it once was. Today’s scam artists are becoming more adept with the various avenues of infiltration and are targeting markets that may not have been targets before.

Debt collection agencies, non-profit organizations, and governmental entities have large amounts of personal data and financial information. Through these sources, thieves can obtain credit card information and begin running up charges before you have any idea that your information has been breached.

While American financial institutions and government officials have made great strides in raising awareness to the crime amongst the citizen population, we should see a major shift as the targets of fraud become less civilian and more infrastructural.