Episode #15: Survival Gear

This week’s theme: Survival Gear

With Joe Marshall and Dave Scott – Interview with Jerry Marshall

Dave Scott is the President of the Family Protection Association. He’s a long time contributor to SURVIVAL LIFE Magazine, founder and lead instructor at the Earth Native Wilderness School, where he teaches wilderness survival and self-reliance skills in Central Texas.

Jerry Marshall – Truck Driver. He emailed Joe about his own experience with the ‘High Beam Flashlight.’ We were so impressed, we had to interview him.

Q & A

    • [transcript time=3:25] Joe and Jerry’s recorded live call
    • [transcript time=4:08] Jerry shared his story using the ‘High Beam Flashlight’ he got
    • [transcript time=7:15 ] Why is Joe/FPA giving out these stuff for free? Why offer the stuff to others?
    • [transcript time=9:49] At what age do you think parents can teach their children about firearms safety training?
    • [transcript time=8:31 ] Credit card knife used wisely in an accident
    • [transcript time=8:45 ] Jerry talked about his fondness of the Everstryke match
    • [transcript time=11:28 ] You have the items? Use them…
    • [transcript time=11:40 ] Hoffman Richter Knife – spring leaded knife
    • [transcript time=12:30 ] On building Joe’s bug out bag
    • [transcript time=14:35 ] Importance of the right straps on your backpack
    • [transcript time=17:04 ] Metal bottled water used in fire
    • [transcript time=20:20 ] Item in Jerry’s bug out bag that might seem weird to other preppers
    • [transcript time=21:40 ] Panty hose and chapstick in Joe’s bug out bag
    • [transcript time=35:59 ] Truck driver’s bug out vehicle

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