Episode #14: Keeping Family Safe Around Firearms

This week’s theme: Keeping Family Safe Around Firearms

With Dave Scott and Joe Marshall – Interview with Craig Caudill

Craig Caudill – Runs the Nature Reliance School found on 2006. It started with the skills that Craig had and teaching it to some of his friends. They started having regular classes from 2 to 3 times a year to 2-3 times a month. They later ventured into blogging, writing for survival sites, namely survivallife.com and dansdepot.com among other known websites.

Q & A

  • [transcript time=1:43] I’m always curios about the pre and post public craze about survival. Is it driven by media? Do you think it’s a fad or is it going to be a part of our culture now?
  • [transcript time=4:32] Most of us have guns and most of us have families. How do you keep your family protected and safe around firearms? That’s a huge thing right now specially with media.
  • [transcript time=6:38] I don’t think there is anything we can refer to as a “two-way” gun. There’s a lot of toy guns out there (water guns, nerf guns, plastic guns, etc.,). I never allow my children to have toy guns. When they got their plastic gun, they have to treat it as a real weapon.
  • [transcript time=9:49] At what age do you think parents can teach their children about firearms safety training?
  • [transcript time=16:16 ] If I say 6 years old is a good time for me, you got to really pay good attention to your children. You’ve got to spend a lot of time with him with this issue because this is dangerous. One that should definitely not be taken lightly.
  • [transcript time=20:16 ] You should prove that you know how to operate guns safely. When you’re buying a weapon, you should know the four rules in gun safety. We’re going to have to do something to make sure we maintain our guns safely.
  • [transcript time=27:26 ] There’s another huge issue coming up with this current generation. Social Media. Anything you put on the internet is there forever. I was reading an article about a 16-year old kid the other day who got arrested because he put a emoticons of a gun pointed at a police officer, making some real bad raps on how he’s going to kill a cop.
  • [transcript time=30:40 ] We become this culture recently in the last few years where people are so averse to danger. Where any hint of potential danger is a crisis. We’re bombarded with news that people are reacting base from emotions rather than logic.
  • [transcript time=32:15 ] Statistics say that you are more likely to die driving from your house to the grocery store than you to be caught up in a mass shooting. But people don’t mind going to the grocery store and they don’t debate it on TV.
  • [transcript time=33:50 ] What firearm would you recommend kids start using for training?
  • [transcript time=40:19 ] What are some of the worst things that people do trying to introduce guns to their kids? What are some of the faults that parents can do when they get their children involved?
  • [transcript time=43:44 ] Shooting games became really popular. Call of Duty, Halo, and all of those games. From a parents point of view, what role do you feel that video games play in gun violence amongst children, if any? Does that really affect anything in your opinion?
  • [transcript time=51:27 ] Do you think the gun laws would strict or harm patriotism? Do they actually help us or hurt us? O will they ever get more strict?
  • [transcript time=58:33 ] If you don’t know the four rules of gun safety, just google that. Know what they are and learn what they are.



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