Episode #13: Situational Awareness

The Readycast Podcast #13

This week’s theme: Situational Awareness

With Joe Marshall, Dave Scott and David Corbaley

Dave Scott is the Chairman of the Family Protection Association. He’s a long time contributor to Survival Life Magazine, founder and lead instructor at the Earth Native Wilderness School, where he teaches wilderness survival and self-reliance skills in Central Texas.

David Corbaley is a veteran of US Army Special Forces and served at the Seattle Fire Department for 8 years

Q & A

  • [transcript time=0:50] David Corbaley was introduced and he shared a little of his background.
  • [transcript time=4:30] Importance of Situational Awareness for David.
  • [transcript time=8:19] Flash over chamber in connection with situational awareness
  • [transcript time=12:45] Practicing stopping interruptors of awareness in switching or change of environment
  • [transcript time=14:50 ] One of the keys to situational awareness
  • [transcript time=16:14 ] Practicing one of the keys to situational awareness and RAS (Reticular Activation System) activation
  • [transcript time=16:41 ] Practice surveying the environment
  • [transcript time=17:41 ] Being more detailed in in scanning/surveying the environment
  • [transcript time=21:50 ] Example of practice of being aware of your environment
  • [transcript time=23:48 ] Awareness games with friends
  • [transcript time=24:55 ] Real world scenario from David – in a less controlled environment – understanding and knowing
  • [transcript time=29:20 ] Idea of baseline – awareness and non-awareness
  • [transcript time=35:30 ] Ring of disturbance
  • [transcript time=44:34 ] David’s personal experience on using his training to keep himself and others out of harm’s way
  • [transcript time=51:40 ] Awareness focused on preventing crisis
  • [transcript time=51:54 ] Acronym S.T.O.P. on situational awareness – S – stop T – think O – observe P – Plan


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