Taking 2nd and 3rd on Alone with Larry Roberts

Larry Roberts is a unique individual.  He was on Season 2 of History Channel’s show Alone on Vancouver Island.  There he outlasted almost everyone and took 2nd place in the competition.  He was invited back for Alone‘s season 5 in Mongolia.  That season was called Redemption because it was an opportunity for prior contestants to come back and try to win a new season.  Larry took 3rd in that season, but in talking with him, his motivation for being out there changed during the course of the season and he still feels like he achieved what he had wanted to do.

We sat down with Larry to talk about his kits, what he picked and why, his experiences on the show, what mice taste like, etc.  Larry is a very cool guy who is fun to spend time with and talk to.  Check out the podcast below: