Episode #19: How to Stay Fit As We Age

Our host Craig Caudill interviews chiropractor Dr. Ryan Zeronis, discussing all-things health and fitness, and specifically how to stay fit as we age.

Q & A

[1:48] How can we stay fit as we age?

[2:27] Definition of age and aging

[8:01] Can you divide mental and physical state in half?

[11:37] How can we develop/build our mental state?

[16:05] How do you view aging?

[21:31] Dr. Zeronis elaborates on processed foods

[28:55] How do we prevent aging?

[34:51] Tips regarding staying fit and aging properly

[36:27] Things to avoid and look for in regards to fat

[42:33] Digestion process as we age

[47:04] How we should approach exercise?

[50:51] What can somebody who does have acid reflux do?

[53:50] What are some  exercises that we can do?

[55:55] Exercises that we should avoid

[1:05:05] Chiropractic care tips

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