Episode #20: Raising Kids in a Technology-Ridden World

In this episode, our host Craig Caudill speaks with Mike Stapleton, a specialist in school psychology. They discuss how to best raise and protect children in an increasingly more technology-driven world. Craig and Mike hit on some great insights. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


[3:55] What are the most common problems we encounter with children using technology.

[8:15] How hard is it to detect if a paper is written well or just plagiarized?

[9:37] How can we be safe from Identity theft?

[11:12] How do we go about combatting Cyber Bullying?

[17:22] When is a good time for kids to be involve in technology?

[23:14] Is it advisable to communicate with the parents about their children having gadgets?

[24:53] Are there a number of parents that are  involve in monitoring these stuffs?

[27:59] How to encourage the  positive use of technology

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