Episode #18: How to Establish Family Values

Craig Caudill introduces us to family expert Andrew Olson, MSW who walks us through how to establish family values and why that’s important to begin with. Andrew has been working with mentally ill either adults or children and doing therapy and counseling for 20 plus years now.

[1:46] Forensics in Psychology

[3:27] Why is it important to be purposeful and intentional when teaching character education?

[6:11]  Where are our children getting their values nowadays?

[7:15] How can anyone involved with children begin to help them develop these values?

[10:45] How can we go about doing the teaching?

[15:20] Do our kids still look at the parents as their influence in life?

[16:43] How can parents be a good role model.

[20:35] How do we have a way to begin the conversation with our kid on this type of topic?

[25:38] Where can we get in the business of not just talking but practicing these values?

[28:40] How do go about finding help to get family values for our children?

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