Episode #21: Self-Defense Avoidance Strategies

In this episode, Craig Caudill interviews Aaron Little, an instructor for performance edge training. They will teach us how to be prepared in fighting violence with hand-to-hand skills, the benefits of joining full-contact gun fighting class, and more.

Q & A

[2:48] What is the most critical skill for self defense?

[5:33] How do we recognize bad things are about to happen?

[7:53] How do you prepare your students to fight violence?

[10:10] What can we do to make us prepare for bad things that are about to happen?

[12:22] Aaron Little’s opinion on why hand to hand skills are very important.

[16:35] Aaron little discussed what full contact gun fighting is all about.

[22:30] Brief look at what blue and red guns are.

[25:58] How do you feel that we should continue to fight for our right to bear arms?

[33:47] Things that happen to people in full contact gun fighting class.