Bugging In and Out With The Grey Bearded Green Beret

Joshua Enyart, The Grey Bearded Green Beret, is a survival instructor at the Pathfinder School, a YouTuber and a great instructor.  We had a great opportunity to sit down with him and discuss his new videos coming out and his current teaching philosophy around bugging in and out and prepping in general.  A lot of people talk about prepping for the apocalypse, but Josh believes that prepping has a much more practical nature to it, focused on disasters, emergencies, and things we are currently experiencing like COVID-19 and Wildfire Evacuations.  We were very lucky to have him share some of that wisdom from his past and current training.

Josh’s Films are available on his website and we recommend getting Into the Woods, Into the Ozarks, and Wilderness Medical

To see more of Josh you can find him here: