Lamplighter Report #55: What’s in a Knife?


November 2015 – The Best Survival Knife

As a Survival and Outdoor skills instructor, over the last decade, I have definitely fielded one question disproportionately more than others.  “What is the best survival knife?” Usually I don’t have an hour or so to dive deep into this topic with folks, so I’ll usually steer them toward the more than adequate Mora Clipper Companion knife. Truth be told, though on many occasions I have been hopeful, I have never bought the perfect survival knife and I don’t know that I ever will. The caveat to that last statement is that, because I am a professional survival instructor and I use my knives in the woods daily I am very picky, and a hard customer to please. If I am going to label something the “best survival knife”, I want it all!

In This Issue You’ll Find:

  • Knife Design
  • Thicker Steel is Not Necessarily Better
  • The Handle is More Important Than You Think
  • Knife Steel