Lamplighter Report #51: Seed Preservation


July 2015 – P.E.S.T: Preservation, Extraction, Storage and Trade of Seeds, Part 2 of 2

Whether you choose to fall into the hobby gardener or health-oriented farmer categories, your options will grow exponentially once you master the PEST process. Having a working knowledge of seed and how to deal with it is already a valuable skill. In a barter economy, you will not only be able to trade your seed, but your knowledge, as well. You may not be able to fiscally prosper from today’s preparation immediately, but rest assured that you will be in the position to do so once things go haywire and people cannot feed themselves. For those with an eye towards the future, however, the option to acquire wealth via seed is one worth having.

What you’ll get:

  • Seed Preservation
  • Seed You Will Need
  • Seed Storage
  • Seed Trade