Lamplighter Report #46: Hail to the King


February 2015 – The King of Preparedness


In this issue we have put together the best information for planning ahead. We start and close with guns – why a shotgun is the proven favorite – and how to save money on guns and ammo. You will also find the reasoning behind cacheing and why you should start your own. We also included a bit on the latest must-have survival skill: Trapping. If Lewis and Clark were able to survive the Oregon Trail by trapping – imagine what you could do!

In This Issue You’ll Find:

  • Hail to the King
  • Including: Why a shotgun still holds the thrown
  • Get The Cache
  • Including: Where, How, and Why you should store your emergency resources
  • A Case For Trapping
  • Including: What Lewis and Clark never told you
  • Saving Money & Surviving
  • Including: Saving money on guns and ammo