Lamplighter Report #45: Survival Navigation


September 2014 – Survival Navigation “Quick Tips” Guide
In this issue, you’ll learn basic tips and knowledge of navigation. You’ll realize that navigation isn’t just about ‘finding north’. This guide will teach you basic navigation skills without using the modern tools that we are accustomed to. This quick guide is designed to make you a better wilderness navigator in the face of any threat.
In This Issue You’ll Find:
  • Give basic training/knowledge navigation in the absence of modern technology.
  • Navigation using the stars
  • Telling time by stars
  • Navigating by the sun and moon
  • Telling time by the moon
  • Shadow Tip Method
  • Watch Method
  • Navigation using a map or compass
  • Improvised Compasses
  • Other natural direction indicators
  • Weather urban navigation
  • What to do if you got lost?
  • Tips to avoid getting lost