Lamplighter Report #25: Food Crisis is Coming


December Report – Holidays Aside, Food Crisis Is Coming
When you enjoy your holiday meals this season, remember this: we’re closer to a food crisis than any of us imagine. What if the stores, in the days leading up to the holiday season, started to quickly run out of the canned pumpkin, gingerbread, and frozen turkeys? Not able to restock, the stores begin to run out of staples, like milk and flour. What would you do if you couldn’t buy the food you eat, and the food you feed your family? How long would you last without any available nutrition? Find out in this month’s report.
In This Issue You’ll Find:
  • Holidays Aside, Food Crisis Is Coming
  • Gardening Throughout the Winter
  • Echoes From The Past: What Preppers Can Learn from the Depression
  • Keeping Warm Without Fossil Fuels