Lamplighter Report #23: How to Survive in the Woods


October Report – How To Survive In The Woods
What happens if the SHTF and you get stuck far from your home? What if you have a long trek home, or you never make it home? What if you need to survive in the woods for weeks or even months at a time? How will you stay warm? How will you get water? What will you eat? It isn’t a far-fetched idea to think that an EMP attack could suddenly strand you far from home. Or a natural disaster could set off a chain reaction that blocks your fastest way home. What will you do? Read the report to get helpful tips.
In This Issue You’ll Find:

  • How to Survive in the Woods
  • Wildfire Trapping
  • Canning Food: Making the Most of Your Food for Long-Lasting Shelf Lives
  • How to Make Rawhide and Tan Leather