Lamplighter Report #3: Dry Fire


February 2011 – Airsoft AKA Dry Fire on Steroids
There is a lot of debate on the topic of using airsoft for firearms training. This will be addressed in this issue and the top 6 problems people have with using airsoft for training and why they don’t apply to you. Then Airsoft training will be shown to you in a whole new light and you will be introduced to some GREAT at-home training that you can start doing with airsoft.


In This Issue You’ll Find:

  • WATER PASTEURIZATION: Using Salvaged TV Screens And Satellite Dishes
  • PREPARATION: Another Reason Why I Believe In Being Prepared
  • COMBAT SIGNALS: Continued From Last Month’s Field Signals
  • PEPPER SPRAY: A Nonlethal Weapon that You Should Become Familiar With