Lamplighter Report #17: Stand Your Ground


April Report – Stand Your Ground – The Left’s Attack on Self-Defense
Trayvon Martin case – At the center of this controversy is Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, what it protects, and how it may apply to the Trayvon Martin case. Does the “Stand Your Ground” law applies to neighborhood watch captains pursuing suspicious, yet unarmed 17-year-old suspects through a gated community?
If you don’t know the answer — you’re not prepared to confidently and lawfully defend yourself in an emergency situation! In this article, we’ll breakdown what the “Stand Your Ground” law is all about, how it affects your right to self-defense, and in which the US states law-abiding citizens are protected by similar laws.


In This Issue You’ll Find:

  • Stand Your Ground
  • First Aid Know-How and Preparedness
  • Turnkey Totalitarianism
  • Water Purification and Storage