Future of America: Mandatory Vaccinations?

We have long wondered at the future of America, as we move further and further from the freedoms and ideals celebrated by our founding fathers. Well, the future is now, and it’s not pretty.

Biological warfare is unleashed, and people are forced into quarantine in their homes. Whole economies close. Struggling Americans with no jobs look to the government for financial assistance, which is paid for by staggering taxes on the wealthy. No new jobs are added as the burden on businesses is too great.

And now, mandatory vaccinations will be required to do anything outside of your home.

It sounds like the plot of a science fiction novel, but in fact the American people voted for it themselves after years of indoctrination in public school systems. And it is no longer a threat in the distant future: it is happening today.

Ticketmaster to Require Proof of Vaccination or Negative Covid Test

Since March, live music has all but ceased to exist. Outside of performers in restaurants and bars, and the occasional drive-in concert, there have been no large-scale concerts or festivals.

In an effort to “enable the return of live music,” Ticketmaster has announced that fans would need to verify they had been vaccinated (offering one year of protection) or had tested negative for coronavirus 24 to 72 hours before a concert or sporting event, and show proof of either on their smartphones prior to be granted access to an event.

The response to the policy was overwhelmingly negative, which forced Ticketmaster to issue a defensive statement, saying, “We are not forcing anyone to do anything.”

Yahoo! News ran an article titled, “No, Ticketmaster won’t force you to have a Covid vaccine,” although the article went on to assert that Ticketmaster would indeed require either proof of vaccine or a negative Covid test.

As 90s pop group Right Said Fred wrote on Twitter: “Here it is, vaccines will be mandatory in all but name.”

This is only the first step to requiring vaccinations for access to a variety of activities. While concerts may be first, travel is expected to be close behind. Eventually, there is an expectation that you will have to show proof of vaccination on your phone for admittance to stores, schools, and places of work.

Would a Covid Vaccine Be Safe? Or Effective?

In the past, it has taken decades to develop what is considered a safe and effective vaccine. Even then, billions of dollars has been paid out by pharmaceuticals to persons permanently injured by their vaccines – and those are just the ones who can prove the vaccines were to blame.

The Covid-19 vaccines have been rushed through trials in an attempt to be released in under one year. Kamala Harris has already expressed doubt that Trump’s administration could possibly create an effective vaccine that she would trust.

Only 50% of Americans polled said that they would be willing to be among the first to get the vaccine. The availability of vaccines would be limited for some time.

And what happens when the virus mutates, and there is a Covid-21 and Covid-22? How many mandatory vaccines will be required for access to daily activities?

To require proof of vaccination would require Americans to become guinea pigs in a giant worldwide experiment. If doses are initially limited, only the elite would be granted access to events and travel.

The future of America is now, and if it’s not one that you want, be prepared to fight.