FPA Weekly Community Update | Emergency Water

Emergency Water

Water is one of the top most resources you need to survive. Of course, as preppers, we need to prepare for the likely situation of a water shortage. What can we do to prepare for this? If we check The Urban Prepper’s video below, he will show us what he did to make sure he has at least 72 hours of water supply at home.

Now that you have your water supply and learned how to make clean drinking water, do you know the difference between potable and non-potable water? This is another skill that will come in handy for preppers. Being able to spot which water is non-potable can save you from a disaster. Our partners from Survival Life wrote an article that tells you what you need to know about non-potable water right here.

Having a water supply prepared at home isn’t enough to stop there. Eventually, all the water you’ve stocked up will run out. Being able to purify, filter, and make water that’s drinkable is such an important skill to learn for us preppers. Below, Canadian Prepper shows us 10 ways to clean drinking water.

How are you prepping yourself to make sure you don’t lose access to water? Let us know in the comments!