FPA Weekly Community Update | Food Supply

Food Supply

When preparing for an emergency, one of the obvious must-haves to prepare is food. How much food should you prepare? Where can you store it? What do you do when you run out of food? We found a great video that goes over every question. Below is a video on what to do when your food runs out discussed by City Prepping.

As a prepper, it can be pretty daunting thinking about what kind of food to store, when it needs to be rotated, and how much to buy per person. Where to store your food is one of the biggest hang-ups. Our partners from Survival Life give tips on food storage tricks in their article here.

In an emergency, you need food prepared that will last you at least 72 hours. Overpacking on food isn’t a wise decision, so how much food is enough to take? The Urban Prepper has a “Food” module that outlines the bare minimum amount of food for an emergency food supply. Check this video out below!

What kind of food do you have prepared? Let us know in the comments below!