FPA Weekly Community Update | What To Prepare for in 2021

The reality is that things are not the way they used to be 20+ years ago. Violence is increasing, rioting, looting and a massive border crisis is happening right here in the United States. We all under that it is more URGENT than ever to prepare for what’s to come. The preparation of essential supplies and multi-use gear will be the difference between death and survival. We found a great video from Sensible Pepper goes through building a 72 hour emergency kit in the video below.

We’re only four months into 2021 and violence is coming from every angle. We have challenges to prepare for. From the recent firearm restrictions we see, to the street violence and looting, to the restrictions that Covid-19 bring, our partners from Survival Life discuss What To Prepare for in 2021. This article offers pretty good tips on what to prioritize. 

What to do when SHTF. We have to be prepared to be left to survive on our own. Canadian Prepper makes a video that discuss climates that we can encounter. From Winter Storms and  electrical outages are only the beginning and it is time to be aware of what you can do to prepare yourself.

What have you prepared for so far for 2021? Let us know in the comments!