FPA Weekly Community Update | How you can make your bug out bag

Every prepper knows how important it is to prepare their own bug out bag. It’s a portable kit that provides items that require you to survive for 72 hours or even more when evacuating from a disaster. You would definitely want to prepare one for each member of your family. Check out City Prepper’s video on how you and your family can build a bug out bag together below to find out more.

Surviving for 72 hours with your bug out bag is, at the very least, the minimum goal for any survival situation. But if you want to increase your chances of survival, you will need to build a better bug out bag. Our partners from Survival Life wrote an article on how you can make your bug out bag even better when evacuating any disaster.

You can never gather too much information when it comes to prepping. The more you learn, the more you’re prepared for any situation! If you’d like to learn more, The Urban Prepper has a whole playlist of videos covering every aspect of a bug out bag. 

What items does your Bug Out Bag contain? Let us know in the comments below!