FPA Weekly Community Update | How to skin a deer

Hunting is a great skill to learn or even just a hobby to pick up. One of the important things to have when you’re out hunting is a weapon. What happens if you don’t have a rifle with you? Hunt Primitive has a video on how you can build your own bushcraft bow. This DIY bushcraft bow would be perfect for hunting most prey you find in the wild.

Catching a deer is always a rewarding experience as hunters. Skinning deer is pretty much an essential skill to have if you’ll be hunting them too. Our partners in Survival Life have a step-by-step guide on how to skin a deer correctly. By the time you get the hang of it, you’ll be a skinning pro in no time!

If you’re thinking of investing in a good quality weapon, check Sensible Prepper’s review on the TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow. This weapon is a state of the art crossbow that is the easiest to operate and is the most quiet on the market. Given how quiet and easy it is to use, wouldn’t it be one of the best weapons to use for hunting?

What is your favorite part about hunting? Let us know in the comments!