FPA Weekly Community Update | 25 Ways To Get Clean Drinking Water In An Emergency

Having access to water is one of the most top priorities when you’re out surviving. A person can last without water for about 3 days, so what can you do to prepare for this situation? City Prepping tested various water storage options over the years and found eight that will fit in almost any home whether large or small. These water storage options are great for emergencies.

How many methods of getting access to clean water do you know? Knowing as many methods to finding clean water can come in incredibly useful, especially when it’s not readily available for you. Our partners in Survival Life have an article on 25 Ways To Get Clean Drinking Water In An Emergency. Let us know if you know any of the methods mentioned!

Collecting rainwater is a useful method for us to be able to provide for the garden or for drinking water. This can save you from all those water bills. Sensible Prepper presented a video on a “Rainwater Catchment System” where he shows how he set his up and how it works.

What are some ways that you’re making sure that you have access to water? Let us know in the comments below!