FPA Weekly Community Update | 10 Medications To Stock In Your Bug Out Bag

What’s one thing every prepper must have? A bug out bag is one of the top priorities to have as a prepper. Your bug out bag contains everything you need to survive for about 72 hours when evacuating from a disaster. Sensible Prepper made a very informative video on how to put together your own below.

Making sure you pack medications in your bug out bag is also important. When you have a well-rounded supply of meds, it can help you in vital situations where you can survive longer.  Our partners at Survival Life have an informative article on 10 Medications To Stock In Your Bug Out Bag. What medications do you think you might need in case of emergency?

Have you thought of what type of bag to use for your bug out bag? Choosing what kind is an important decision. The Urban Prepper covers everything you need to know on how to choose your bug out bag in his video Bug Out Backpack: How To Choose?

Also, Uncle Judd’s has a great priced bag that can save you money. Click here

As a prepper, what essentials have you put into your bug out bag so far? Let us know below!