FPA Weekly Community Update | Building Your Coronavirus Survival Kit

Welcome to the month of March. It’s been a year since COVID-19 took its toll around the world. Although there has been progress with vaccines and the number of cases now, it’s good to remember what you can do to stay prepared throughout this pandemic. The Urban Prepper made a video about recommendations on what you can still do to prepare and the strategy going forward with the outbreak.

It doesn’t hurt to look more into how you can prepare more and better in this pandemic. You never know what might happen next. Our partners in Survival Life have a helpful article on Building Your Coronavirus Survival Kit: Do’s And Don’ts.

Knowing how this pandemic might affect you is important so you know what else to do to prep. City Prepping made a video last year where he talks about the 5 ways the Coronavirus (COVID-19) might impact you.

What new items do you stockpile since the beginning of the pandemic? Let us know below!