FPA Weekly Community Update | How To Pick A Self Defense Class

Staying active is one of the most important things to do as a prepper. What are the benefits? What activities can we do to stay active? Prepper Princess has a video that covers the benefits of staying active as well as activities that everyone can try to get started.

Learning self-defense is a great way to stay active. You never know what might happen to you anywhere you go so it’s best to be prepared. Our partners at Survival Life have an informative article on How To Pick A Self Defense Class

If you’re looking for exercises that are functional in the real world and are the best use of your time in a gym, check out Canadian Prepper’s video on MAD MAX Workout: Zombie Survival Apocalypse workout. It’s a good way to really build your strength for any survival situation.

Are you staying active? What activities do you want to start trying? Share below!

PVC Pipes

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