FPA Weekly Community News | How to Create a Survival Kit for Your Home

As we prepare for a second wave of Covid-19 at the same time as hurricane season ramps up along the East coast, now is the time to check your supplies. With the possibility of a second shutdown/quarantine or disruption to our food supplies, starting or supplementing your garden is also a good idea. At a minimum, you should always have a goal of being self-sufficient with zero outside help for 72 hours.

With these preparations in mind, we found information on how to put together a survival kit for your home, and how to turn an apartment into a micro-farm. While it’s fun and exciting to Prep for a Bug Out situation, you are much more likely to “Bug In,” and you need to be ready to stay in your house and protect yourself from the outside world.

Survival Lilly posted her personal Survival Kit for her home this week, and it’s full of the basics that we should all have on-hand:

You can read more here: How to Create a Survival Kit for Your Home

City Prepping offers fantastic space-maximizing ideas on how to turn an apartment into a micro-farm to decrease your reliance on outside food sources:

You can read more about apartment farming here: How to Turn Your Apartment into a Micro-Farm

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