FPA Weekly Community News | 10 various foods that will never expire

The news of a $600 Stimulus check being passed by congress should have every prepper on alert. With so many items to buy, you think this amount will not help at all. Wrong. Even with this small amount, families can still buy affordable prepping items that will last. The goal is to spend this money in a way to benefit your family when SHTF. Here’s a video from City Prepping that discusses various ways to prep on a budget.

Another way to save money is by prepping foods that will never expire. Here’s a great article from Survival Life on 10 various foods that will never expire.

Even with an established budget, knowing how to survive without money is invaluable. Prepping can sometimes feel very expensive, but there are ways to prepare that are absolutely free. Knowing multiple strategies to help your prepping and stockpiling will prove beneficial for your loved ones. Magic Prepper comes to the rescue with 5 ways to prep for SHTF without money.

What inexpensive items do you stockpile that everyone should know about? Share below!

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