FPA Weekly Community News | 14 important medical preps

How prepared are you on the road during this holiday season? Make sure you have car emergency kit essentials in tow so you’re always well-prepared wherever you go. We spend a lot of time in our car especially during the holiday season. Traveling to see friends and family during the winter months can be a lot of fun, but dangerous if you are not prepared. 

Preparation is something we all know about considering our year of shutdowns, coronavirus, and shortages. Being ready for anything should be a top concern when traveling with your family this holiday season. Having a car emergency kit for this is even more important than in the past. Having these important items in your emergency kit could potentially save your life during your travels.

Canadian Prepper created a list of items to prepare your car with this winter.

Here is another article that discusses 14 important medical preps you should stock up on now. 

Here’s a video from Homestead Corner that goes over a full build of a winter emergency survival kit.  

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