FPA Weekly Community News | Navigate a National Crisis

With a shutdown around the corner, here is a list for non food prepping supplies to hoard for the more than likely shutdown. These items will be beneficial to any disaster that can happen at any moment to you and your family. Stockpiling these non food items will prove to be helpful in the months to come. Iridium242 has a full list of key items that you can stock up on right now that will be helpful in any situation to come.
When thinking about non-food items you have to also prepare yourself for things that you need such as medicine from pharmacies, the collapse of institutional banks and the closing of resources you may take for granted such as gas stations. Knowing how to navigate your environment will be crucial for you and your families survival. 
Iridium242 came up with that list of key items to stock up on.

You can also read about how to Navigate a National Crisis that will be beneficial to you when catastrophe happens. 
Here’s a list of 21 items that The CDC wants you to keep in your home from City Prepping.

Here’s a list of unique survival resources that you can find in an urban environment that will be as helpful as stockpiling non food items. Learn how to navigate your environment here.
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How will you preserve medicine to last for a long period of time?