FPA Weekly Community News | 14 rare medical preps

Prepping Priorities. Now more than ever is the time to make sure you have your prepping materials ready and in order. After the storm on the capitol, you have to be on alert and ready for any situation that can arise. Having a list of the top items to prep is a priority and Canadian Prepper has five goals you should accomplish with your prepping. These items would be great to add to your stockpile to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Along with five must have prep items, here’s an article on 14 rare medical preps every prepper should stock up on now.

With the state of current events being so volatile, it is important to share your prepping techniques and practices with your family. Understanding what to prep is half the battle and you can be the reason your family is ready for SHTF. City Prepping Made a video about how to introduce your friends and family into prepping. 

What items would you recommend for a beginning prepper? Share below!

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