FPA Weekly Community News | four great tips to help you survive in 2021

January 6th is almost here and it’s time to get prepare for when SHTF. The government and economic stability of the United States will be put to the test, and our job is to be prepared for anything that happens. Now more than ever is the time to be ready for the worst. The Canadian Prepper created a well thought out video on ways to safeguard your financial future with technological changes. Learn about bitcoin, investments and where the right place is for you to put your money.

Here is an article from Survival Life that gives four great tips to help you survive in 2021. This year will be unpredictable, but these tips will help you begin to prepare correctly.

Lastly, Magic Prepper gives you a video on what to keep an eye out for on January 6th. The media is expecting January 6th to be the day when SHTF. Watch this video to be aware and prepared for anything and everything that may happen.

What do you think we should be prepared for come January 6th? Let us know below.

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