The Borrowed World: A Novel of Post-Apocalyptic Collapse

Franklin Horton has written some of the best survival SHTF fiction ever. There are multiple series he is writing presently, but he started with The Borrowed World Series. This series follows the adventures of a man and his family when a Terrorist attack causes a grid down situation for nearly all of the U.S. Filled with hair raising, terrifying moments, this is the kind of book that really makes you think about your own preparedness. While it is fictional, the survival and preparedness aspects of this book are very real and can act as a guide or a reminder to anyone who is trying to be a prepper.

Franklin Horton lives and writes in the mountains of southwestern Virginia. He attended Virginia Intermont College and Virginia Commonwealth University. In his spare time he pursues outdoor adventures with his wife and two children. His interests include camping, kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking, and shooting.

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