7 Pieces of Gear to Upgrade Your Preps

If you’ve done all of the basic Prepping and are ready for the next level, there are some serious upgrades you can make if you have the budget and the space to do so. As technology improves, previously commercial-grade only items are now being made for the home. Price points have also dropped to a range that more Preppers can afford.

Investing in food preservation, energy sources, home security, food growth, and escape gear will always contribute to your ability to be self-reliant. As we face more volatility in the economy and in our streets, now is the time to step up your Prepping game.

1.  Freeze Dryer

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer - Small - Practical Preppers

At-home freeze drying machines can be pretty expensive (think $2,200+), but they can freeze dry thousands of pounds of food that can last for 30+ years. If you’re in a position to purchase a freeze drying machine, and have the space for one, it’s a worthwhile investment.  Freeze-dried food is an upgrade to dehydrated foods; it retains more nutrients and rehydrates with a better texture and flavor.

2. Biometric Fingerprint TriggerLock

Biometric TriggerLock

Rather than risk a child or the wrong person finding the key to your safe, you can get the ultimate in security with biometric locks.  They release in less than a second so you can safely keep a gun near your bed (or wherever you need it). You will have immediate access to your home defense weapon, but the trigger won’t unlock without your fingerprint.

3. Azomite Rock Dust


To improve soil quality and plant yield, and create a higher nutrition value in your produce, add Azomite. Azomite is mined from an ancient mineral deposit in Utah that typically contains over 70 minerals and trace elements, distinct from any mineral deposit in the world. It creates an environment for optimal growth and improves root systems.

4. Inflatable Watercraft

Whether it’s an inflatable SUP, kayak, canoe, or raft, an inflatable flotation device is invaluable if you live near a body of water.  Especially if you live in a hurricane- or flood-prone region, having a boat to get around in or escape in could mean the difference between life and death.  Inflatable devices store much smaller than traditional options, and some, like stand up paddleboards, even compress into backpacks.  These are also great options for gaining access to better fishing and hunting spots during non-emergency times.

5. In Line Water Turbine Generators

Yosoo DC Water Turbine Generator Water 12V DC 10W Micro-Hydro Water Charging Tool

Water turbine generators can help top off solar battery banks through the general use of water in your home.  They can be used to charge mobile phones, 12V radios, supply power for LED lights, and more. Using a water turbine generator requires some plumbing and electrical knowledge, but is a way to add in some electricity to your Preps each time you wash dishes, take a shower, or get a drink of water.

6. Jiobit Smart Tags

Tracking devices that can be affixed to anything are extremely valuable in today’s society. Human trafficking is at an all-time high, and family members and pets can be easily lost in emergency situations. Smart tags are perfect for keeping track of your children, elderly parents, or any outdoor items that can be targeted and stolen.

7. Hand Pump Well

Simmons 1160/PM500 No.2 Pitcher Pump

A hand well pump might be old tech, but in the event of a long-term and widespread blackout, you can lose access to running water in your home. Installing a Pitcher Pump gives you a manual backup option for clean water from your own well. Purchasing an auger with extensions would even allow you to dig your own well.

Investing a little extra time, money, and effort now can pay off in the long run. 2020 has proven what Preppers knew all along – that anything can happen, and the only person you can rely on is yourself.