Proper weapons to take and best options

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Like everything else, weapons are dependent on the size of your party and your protection needs. A lone traveler may feel safe with a pocket knife and a tire iron. A larger group with women, children and the elderly in tow, should likely keep firearms.

Whether we confront golden hordes or hoards, there may be unpleasant encounters ahead. We cannot assume that the police or any law enforcement agency will provide us with protection. As a result, we must prepare to protect ourselves. It is wise to take firearm safety classes. Every adult in your family should do so. Guns come in all shapes and sizes. Every adult, regardless of age, gender or physical stature can safely operate a firearm.

Guns are the preferred method of protection, as they can insure defense from a distance. Pepper spray, stun guns, baseball bats and knives can all do the trick. These items, however, require confronting your attacker at close range and are rarely useful against multiple assailants. For those who have hunted throughout their lives, a powerful rifle is a natural choice.

Being able to fire off a warning shot, that will be taken seriously by potential attackers, is a great way to ward off trouble. At the same time, a powerful rifle with a scope can be a chief source of nourishment for you and your party. Nobody has ever tracked and killed a deer with a pistol, but a rifle can be a means of dinner procurement if your food supply runs out.

There are no limits to a good weapons arsenal. More obscure items like a crossbow or an axe; can do the job in a pinch. Utility items like rope and duct tape can help to subdue attackers or animals. Hunting knives and hacksaws can become kitchen utensils.

Just remember our Argentine example. Weapons should always be concealed and kept out of view. For the overwhelming majority of potential situations you will face, a small caliber firearm will do just fine. They are more accurate and easier to conceal. Carry three to four clips on you at all times and you will not have to worry.

If you are hanging around a dangerous group of people, small caliber firearms are the safest bet. They will not draw attention, while providing the protection you need. Again, remember not to be the action hero blasting away all of the bad guys. Be the supporting actor who gets away.