Have plan & means to communicate with those in your circle

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We should always prepare for the worst, while expecting the best. In a perfect world, we would just pick up our cell phone and talk to about our plans in real time. In the case of mass wireless network congestion, however, we will not have that luxury.

Our loved ones must have a way to reach us and we must be able to reach them. As noted earlier, the simplest means of communication are properly powered walkie-talkies.

They can be counted upon to work under dire circumstances and many are shock and water proof. They can also be picked up by scanners. The down side is that they do not have great range and will likely be of use only if you and your loved ones stick close together.

A great tactic which receives little attention, is the old relay system used throughout history by various organizations to pass on information. A relay person or “distant contact” would be used as a communication beacon for separated parties.

In today’s world, there is rarely a need for this sort of information relay, but an out of town or out of state contact is a great way to make sure you know what is happening with your family in case you are separated. Every one of your family members must have the designated person’s contact info.

If you are unable to talk to each other, calling a pre-determined contact person who lives outside of your area can be your means of keeping tabs on one another. At different points in time, different family members may gain access to telephone or email. If they all call the same person at different points in time, they may engineer an artificial meeting point or in the least, know that their loved ones are okay.