Identify Rally Points to meet your circle in case of a Disaster

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Rally points are necessary for all of the disaster scenarios we have outlined. They are particularly effective in situations which call for immediate evacuation or as a protective measure against separation.

A great way to practice rally point cohesion is to take family camping trips. Especially in the case of younger children, the ability to react to stress proactively can mean the difference between life and death. Kids will often freeze up in new areas, new situations and around new people. Taking them outside of their neighborhood and teaching them landmarks and check points will get them prepared and more comfortable with new surroundings. This will make them assets instead of liabilities during times of trouble.

It is best to use two separate rally points. Your initial rally point should be located close to your home and familiar to all of your family members. Preferably, you would be able to reach this location on foot.

The second rally point should be far enough away that you will be able to get away from the immediate danger surrounding your home. The decision should rest on the size, age and physical capacities of your companions. Two college roommates will be able to pick a more distant location, than a single parent with three children. The idea behind a second location is to serve as a backup and to help maintain focus if your immediate surroundings are disheveled. If people have a specific goal to work towards, they will be more likely to ignore the havoc around them and keep moving towards that safe point, instead of roaming around aimlessly.