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Preparing a 2-week supply of food for your family to meet their daily nutritional need in case of calamities and disaster is not hard at all. But if you are living in a house with limited space to stock up your supply, then you might have a problem. This eBook contains storing plans on how to make small spaces big to stockpile your two-week supply of food. The plan is compact, expandable, affordable and nutritious.

Also included in this eBook are basic recipes that will help people prepare their meals even if they are not used to cooking. The foods can be prepared either in an open flame, by frying in a pan, or by boiling in a pot.

This eBook is a how to guide that will answer all your questions concerning stockpiling of food and other essential items that you will need when disaster strikes. For those with bigger area for storing, they can store 6 to 12 weeks of food supply.

Hope you will enjoy reading this book and learn a lot from it. Thanks.