This is an older breed and known mostly for its coloration. It comes in many colors but is most known for its Black Magpie variation, part black and part orange. Ideally, Harlequins should have a half and half color on the head, often looking like a dividing line down the front of the face. The body also has color blocking, which often looks like large stripes across the back.

Recognized color patterns are Black, Blue, Brown, Lilac. The rabbits are playful, docile and often intelligent. These usually respond to their name, and can be litter box trained. They are often sold as pets, however since the proper color variations are difficult to produce, many of this breed are culled until the proper look for sale is achieved.

Harlequin adult rabbits can get up to 6-9 lbs. and should start breeding at 6 months. The first litter needs to be borne before they reach one year old, to prohibit their pelvic bones from fusing incorrectly. Their litters average between 3-5 kittens, but can be as large as 9.