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Chicken feed comes in one of two types—dry feed and green feed. Green feed is very important because it improves the taste of the meat and eggs. One of the major mistakes in breeding chickens is not feeding them with the right kind of greens. There are several types of green feed you can give your chicken. The different types of green feed can affect the health of the chickens and can also add a distinctive odor or taste to the eggs.

All the green fodder types contain high amount of water, but only some of them have high amounts of nutrients. Wheat grass is one green feed that hens seem to like. The plant is full of nutrients as well as of water. Chickens love it so much that they will eat it all the time if allowed.

In addition to the wheat grass, chickens can eat any weed clippings that you can get from your garden. It is very important to make sure that they are eating safe plants and safe food. Generally, however, chickens will not consume foods that are harmful to them.

There are two methods to feed your chickens with green food – you either get them out of the coop and let them feed on their own in your garden or you can cut the grass and the green weeds and put it in their coop.

If you go with the first approach, then you need to make sure that the perimeter is safe and there are no predators that can harm your chickens while they’re out and eating. You’ll need to monitor the weather, as well. If it is going to be windy or rainy, then you need to get the hens inside as soon as possible. If you are leaving for work, then do not leave your chickens outside unless you are sure that they are safe or predators will have them for lunch. Another consideration to keep in mind is if you have plants in your garden that you want to keep for yourself. Chickens can become predators themselves when it comes to plant life.

If you go for the second method, then you need to make sure that you supply your chickens with enough amounts of green food. In the meantime you can easily keep them protected from predators with a fenced-in coop. Also, make sure the available coop space in the free-run is capable of accommodating the number of chickens you have.

Feeding your chicken with green food can save you a lot of money compared to feeding them dry ration. Greens can be a free source of food for your chickens, if you decided to grow some useful greens in your garden or your backyard. If you are able to plant different sections of your backyard with green stuff sprouting during different times of year, then you won’t need to worry about running out of food for your chickens.

All recent research has proven that green feed will enhance the amounts of Vitamin A, Beta Carotene and Omega-3 fatty acids in the eggs and will also help to eliminate a big chunk of cholesterol from the egg content.