Blanc de Hotot:

These are very distinct white rabbits with a black or dark circle around a dark eye. They were initially created in France, rumored to be a blend of Flemish Giant, Geant Papillion Francais, and White Vienna. These are rather rare to find and are listed as “threatened” but not yet endangered.

The standard of perfection with this breed is to have no other color than a band around the eye.

The band should be 1/16 to 1/8 inch wide with both eyelids and eyelashes in black. Banding with any break in it is a disqualification when showing the animals, as is too wide of a band. The meat still tastes the same, so you may be able to get members of this breed cheaper if they are slightly flawed in this manner.

The Blanc de Hotot weighs from 8-11 lbs. They are good breeders and generally have large litters averaging around 9 kittens per litter.