It is a single action revolver which features a revolving cylinder with the capacity to hold up to six metallic cartridges. It is also referred to as the single action army revolver, the SAA, Peacemaker, Model P, Colt .45, and the M1873. This was initially designed in 1872 by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, and placed for use during trials as the service revolver of the United States Government. This revolver was officially accepted as the standard revolver to be used by the military by 1892. The company changed its name to Colt’s Manufacturing Company sometime after the development of this firearm.

This revolver is available in a number of calibers and has many different barrel lengths to offer. Its appearance has remained the same as its initial look when it was introduced in 1873 and that is one differentiating factor of this revolver. The Colt’s Manufacturing Company has attempted to discontinue the production of this revolver twice in the past; however, they were forced to bring it back due to popular demand. This revolver was particularly famous among outlaws of the Wild West and among the lawmen who took to countering fire with fire; furthermore, it was a particular favorite of ranchers as well. This fame, however, was back in the glory days of this revolver, because the start of the 21st century ensured the development of better weapons as a result of which, these models were largely bought by re-enactors and collectors.

The importance of this revolver is exalted from the fact that a great number of models from other companies have been influenced by its design. The Colt SAA revolver has its place in the American history and it commonly referred to as ‘The Gun That Won the West.’