This is a 9mm handgun which is also present in .40 calibers that features single action and is semi- automatic. This handgun was designed by John browning who was an American inventor of firearms. This handgun was completed by Dieudonne Saive at Fabrique Nationale (FN) of Herstal which is located in Belgium. Unfortunately, Browning was not able to see his design being produced as he died in 1926; right after his design had been finalized. This handgun was very famous among military personnel and is the handgun which was most extensively used by the military. This is evident from the fact that around 50 countries employed this gun for their armed forces.

This handgun has a magazine capacity of around 13 rounds which is almost double the capacity of modern designs; like the Mauser 1910 or the Luger. Other names for this pistol include HP (to refer to HI-Power) or GP (which is reflective of a term in the French language ‘Grande Puissance’). This pistol is also called the P-35 or the HP-35 which is reflective of its year of production, i.e. 1935. The name for this pistol in Belgium is also Hi-Power, while the Irish Service refers to it as Browning Automatic Pistol (BAP) or Browning Hi-Power (BHP).