The single most destructive and yet productive element of nature that man has ever harvested. From the moment man first realized that he could create and harness a flame a primal link was created between the two.

For ancient man, fire provided warmth, a hot meal, protection from predators, and a way to light the darkness… The skill of fire crafting is something that was passed down from generation to generation for millennia. It was a right of passage for many a man. Our ancestors lived and died by the ability to create a fire.

The average Boy Scout knows at least 10 different ways to get a roaring campfire going. Do You? Sadly, Boy Scout’s are a dying breed nowadays. In this high-speed world we live in today, most parents don’t think they have the time do take their children to scout meetings, or even on weekend camping trips. This leaves us in a very vulnerable place….

Somewhere along the way (most likely between the age of the electric stove and the creation of jiffy pop) we have lost the drive to create our own fires. We think we are safe and sound in the protection of modern society. But we all know that we are only one single flip of a switch or one natural disaster away from being left in the dark. In a world where electricity and natural gas are no longer an option, there is one skill that can make or break you.

If you have fire you have: A hot, safe meal The ability to preserve food for long term storage A way to make clean drinkable water A way to stay warm on the coldest, darkest winter night The ability to light your way and move without fear of predators A way to signal for help And so much more. Without fire, you won’t last long… Could you survive in a world where you live or die based on your ability to create, mend, and tend a fire? First things first…