Okay, so now that we have the basics done, let’s get to the list of the top methods to start a survival fire. Since we don’t need to worry about oxygen and we already know that we’re going to use wood for our fuel, the biggest issue in a survival situation is how to get enough heat to the tinder, so that it will start to burn.

Of course, when learning anything, the easiest techniques should be the ones that you try first. So, let’s start out with fire starting techniques that anybody can do with a minimal amount of training and effort. These “low hanging fruits” are going to be your go-to solutions, provided you have what you need on hand to utilize them. If you are lucky enough to have some modern fire starting equipment on you at the time you enter a survival situation… Use them. A survival situation is no time to be macho.. do what needs to be done the most efficient way possible. Practice the more challenging methods before hand as a backup, not as your only means of starting a fire.