Wear Protective Eyewear & Ear Protective Gear

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Another crucial aspect of firearm safety is protecting yourself since no firearm is foolproof. Wear protective shooting glasses and a quality form of hearing protection when you are shooting. While most of the previous safety tips are primarily concerned with the safety of others, this tip is all about protecting you. Consistent exposure to gunfire has the potential to damage your hearing, and having vision protection while shooting is a necessity.

Shooting glasses will guard against firearm malfunctions, ruptured cases, clay target chips or any falling shot. Don’t think that eye protection is only essential when shooting, however, since it is also important when disassembling and cleaning your firearm. Wearing protective vision during these maintenance processes prevent the possibility of solvents, chemical agents or gun springs from harming your eyes. There are a wide range of eyewear and ear protection available in every price range, meaning no gun owner, hunter or target shooter should ignore this essential safety gear.